FireFly Alert System

Immediate mass messaging securely delivered via text message, email, and audio phone calls

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  • Multi Channel Alerts

    Alerts are delivered instantly via email, text message, and text to speech phone calls. They can be sent from any device at any time.

  • Delivered Instantly

    FireFly alerts are delivered instantly to thousands of recipients. Select your alert type, add your recipients, click send and the messages are delivered within seconds.

  • Two Way Messaging

    Send and receive alerts in FireFly. Users can reply to alerts to provide real time updates on the status of an emergency situation or provide more details of an emergency in progess.

  • Customized Skin

    Each instance of FireFly is unique to your business. Upload your company logo and choose a custom color combination to make FireFly yours.

  • Auto Responses

    Short code auto responses allow users to send a text message to FireFly and have FireFly automatically respond with the latest status of an emergency situation.

  • Seamless Integration

    FireFly can be integrated with any website or intranet application allowing for easy integration into existing platforms.

The Technology

Communicate via Email, Text Message & Voice Calls

FireFly allows users to communicate via Email, Text Message, and text to speech Voice Calls. Messages can be triggered manually from a system user OR automatically by entering the pre-determined thresholds for sending a message.

Users receiving communications can reply to FireFly to provide updated information back to the system or confirmation of receiving the message. This two-way communication is a powerful tool in the event of an emergency when receiving updated information is vital.

FireFly can be fully automated with short code auto responses. Users can send a text message to FireFly requesting a status update and instantly receive a reply with the latest status.

A matter of seconds can save lives.

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Benefits of FireFly

Standardize Communications
Unify communications to ensure the same message is being distributed to all recipients. Unified communications are vital to any emergency situation when receiving updated and correct information can save lives.
Users can reply to the alert system and provide updates on an emergency situation or to confirm receipt of the original message. This provides a real time look of exactly what is happening and where during an emergency.
FireFly Short Codes allow users to send a text message to the system requesting a 'Status' update. FireFly will automatically reply with the latest status update ensuring your users are updated without needing to send manual alerts.

Two-Way Communications

Two-way communications allow users to reply to alerts to update the sender with detailed information of an ongoing emergency situation. Receiving updates during an emergency is crucial and saves lives.

When users reply to a message, they are automatically displayed in FireFly, allowing you to see activity from your users. You can then reply to messages individually or send a mass message in response to an update you received from one of your users.

Two-way messaging is a powerful tool and crucial to managing a critical situation.
Oil spill on Delaware River just north of Ben Franklin bridge. Waterway closed indefinitely. Response crews have been dispatched and booming operations underway.
Received your message. I will notify the team right away. We received word from a customer that the type of oil is bakken crude volume 1. Hope this helps.
Oil spill contained to 700ft diameter. Booming in place. River expected to be reopened at 18:00.
Thank you for notifying us. We will inform our customers right away. Please let us know once the river has officially been reopened. P.S. - This alert system is amazing!

Multi Channel Alerts

With FireFly you can send alerts through many different channels. Send them by email, text message, and text to speech phone calls. What is a text to speech phone call? Simply type the text you would like to send, click save, and the user will receive a phone call with a voice speaking the exact text you specified. This allows users with no access to email or text messages to still receive timely alerts. If the user does not answer, FireFly will leave a voicemail for the user.

Users can also request updates from FireFly by sending a text message using a predefined short code. Text Status, or any predefined short code, to FireFly and it will automatically reply with the latest update.

Seamless Integration

FireFly is an amazing logic based alert system that is completely flexible to your needs. FireFly can run as a stand-alone product and we urge you to test drive the live demo. But because of the scalability, FireFly can be integrated into any software and system.

We offer integrations through use of secure APIs so you can give your existing systems and infrastructure access to all of FireFly's capabilities. FireFly can be installed within your network and behind your firewall for compliance purposes, or a cloud solution with full security and encryption.

Contact Us to see how FireFly can be integrated into your environment.

Automated Alerts

Short Codes

Users do not need to wait to receive an alert. With FireFly's automated short codes, users can send a text message to the system and FireFly will automatically reply with the latest status. Configure the short code in FireFly and provide the FireFly phone number to your users. They can send a message to the system and automatically receive a reply.

This is perfect for any emergency situation. Users can receive updates instantaneously.

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Customer Stories

FireFly is very intuitive and user friendly. Alerts are easily managed and sent instantly. The integration was seamless and their support staff is great! John DoeSharon Riley
FireFly has saved our company a tremendous amount of time and money. We are able to communicate with our entire client base and inform them of changes to their account. The best part of the system is the flexibility it provides to send messages by email, text, and voice phone calls! Our communications are now standardized and our clients love it. John DoeWendell Vesleno
FireFly allows us to send both emergency and informational messages to our members with the click of a button. This system is instrumental in our quarterly safety drills with ensuring our communications are sent on time and the message is standardized. Should an emergency event come up in the future, we know we will be in a good position by having FireFly. John DoeLeonard Robertshaw
We have a fully customized version of FireFly. Our company logo and color scheme have been uploaded into the system so it looks like it is our own product! The functionality of FireFly is great and allows us to stay in contact with all of our employees at all times. I would recommend FireFly to anyone. John DoeBryan Malone
The FireFly short codes are nothing short of amazing. We are able to configure a status in the system and our users are able to check in themselves for a status update and it does not require any action from my team. FireFly has saved us a tremendous amount of time. John DoeJohn Hammel
Our integration of FireFly into our network was a breeze. We have an intranet application where we post news stories and messages from our company. FireFly has been integrated into our intranet application to allow us to send out messages directly from the site. Any messages that are sent out are automatically posted to our intranet site so we have a look into the past 5 messages sent from FireFly. This functionality is amazing and our users think it is magic! John DoeMichele Osorio

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